Casino Launches For Metal Fans

The launch of a new Online casino on the market can often make the most ardent fans of casino games wary of another new entrant into the Online gaming culture. However, the launch of Metal Casino is sure to attract fans of a certain musical genre who are now able to play games featuring the names and branding of some of their favorite bands. Metal Casino is the latest entrant into the Online gaming world and looks set to continue its push to become one of the leading Sites for fans of the heavy metal genre and those who simply love gambling.

The Metal Casino is set to bring the familiar names and faces from the most successful heavy metal bands of all time and reintroduce them to a new generation of gambling fans. Metal Casino games will feature a whole host of band names and familiar faces including Jimi Hendrix and Megadeth. The attraction of heavy metal fans will be made simpler with the creation of a range of impressive merchandise developed around the theme of the casino and the many bands who are partnering with the Site. Deposits and welcome bonuses are available with special offers often included for new members and those signing up for recurring payments to earn tokens to spend on merchandise.

In 2018, the Online casino sector is set to grow to a global industry worth more than $56 billion with almost every social group catered for. The expansion of the industry to include heavy metal fans is the latest case of so-called minority interests being targeted by Online casino operators and developers. In an effort to develop casino games designed to attract those who may not have been targeted in the past by casino developers different groups are being sought for the latest gambling Sites.

To build the concept of the Metal Casino, nations with a history of successful bands in the genre will be the first to see the rollout of the impressive Site and mobile app. The first nations to see the Metal Casino will be the U.K., Germany, Sweden, Norway, and Finland. Not only can users enjoy the chance to purchase merchandise and play games branded with some of the top names in the genre, but a “World Tour” loyalty program has also been created to add another layer of enjoyment to the casino. The opening giveaway from the Metal Casino is open to all those who join the loyalty program with a chosen winner receiving a Les Paul guitar signed by Bjorn Gelotte, guitarist with the heavy metal band, The Flames.