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In Profile: Vhäldemar

Vhaldemar is a Spanish heavy metal band, which was founded in 1999 by singer and guitarist, Carlos Escudero and guitarist Pedro Monge. They later added a drummer, Eduardo Martinez and bassist Oscar Cuadrado. They sent in their first demo to Arise Records in June 2001, who then helped them make and release their first album, Fight to the End in 2002. Fight to the End was followed by I Made My Own Hell. Both were recorded in The Rock Studio via Arise Records in Bilbao. The albums have been released in Japan, the U.S., South America, and Europe. In Brazil, Vhaldemar was voted the best international album upon the release of their first album. The following year, Brigade Magazine voted I Made My Own Hell the top heavy metal band.

In 2007, Vhaldemar performed at the Bilbao BBK Life Festival, which was followed by the release of Metal of the World. Their fourth album, Shadows of Combat followed in 2013. Earlier in 2017, they signed a contract with Fighter Records to release several new albums. First, they re-released their first two albums, Fight to the End and I Made My Own Hell, containing five extra tracks as a double CD pack in April 2017. In May they released yet another album, Old King a Visions, which include five extra tracks as an introduction to their next album, Against All Kings.

In August 2014, Vhaldemar performed in the Legends of Rock Festival with several other heavy metal bands. Among these bands were Arch Enemy, Megadoth, and Amon Amarath.

Vhaldemar plays only traditional heavy metal. Their music has been compared to Manowar due to both having aggressive tempos and melodies. Even though Oscar Cuadrado left his position as their drummer in 2014, he still works with them behind the scenes as their full-time manager. Gontzal has since replaced Cuardrado as their drummer. They have also since added keyboardist Jonkol Tera and bassist Adolfo WB. As a result, it could be said that the future still looks very strong for Vhaldemar. With one of their instrumentalists-turned-manager knowing the band from the inside out, the band definitely has one solid platform.

In Profile: Dark Moor

Straight from the “Shadowland” comes Dark Moor. For those not up on their international artists, a bit of background on the band in question. Dark Moor is a metal band from Madrid, Spain.

The group was formed in 1993 by guitarists Enrik Garcia and Javier Rubio. The band roster would go through a number of changes until the current line-up would include original lead guitarist Garcia and Alfred Romero (vocals), Dani Fernandez (bass) and Roberto Cappa (drums). The act’s signature sound is a mix of multiple music genres including hard rock, neoclassical metal, progressive metal, and symphonic power metal.

The band’s rock resume includes two demos, four EPs, and 10 full-length platters. Their first release was the demo “Dreams of Madness”. The band’s official full-length debut disc, however, was “Shadowland” which was recorded and released in 1999.

There have been numerous interesting moments thus far in the band’s career. In the summer of 2000, while recording their second album, The Hall of the Olden Dreams, the group covered the instrumental “Halloween” which was featured on the compilation disc “The Keepers of Jericho part I – A Tribute to Helloween”. In June of 2001, Dark Moor dropped the limited edition EP titled The Fall of Melnibone. Only 1,500 copies were put out and those were only available in Spain.

Dark Moor laid down four exclusive tracks with a string quartet in August of 2003. They were included on their April 2003 release “Between Light and Darkness”. Unfortunately for the band, they could not all agree on the specific musical direction for their next album and then lead singer Elisa Martin, drummer Jorge Sáez, and guitarist Albert Maroto quit to start a new group named Dreamaker which disbanded in 2011.

Dark Moor continued with yet another new roster. Their eighth audio offering, named “Ancestral Romance”, was highlighted by the inclusion of guest vocalist Berenice Musa. The record dropped in November 2010.

The band’s ninth LP, titled “Ars Musica”, hit stores on June 18, 2013. Interestingly, the limited-edition, Japanese version included a free bonus CD with a total of five bonus tracks. Dark Moor toured Asia, Europe, and Mexico in support of the album.

The act’s most recent release is called “Project X”. They recorded this tenth platter in the summer of 2015. It hit European record racks in November of that same year.

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