Why Metal Music Fans have embraced Vaping

Metal music was certainly one of the groundbreaking genres that came out of the 1980’s. It embraced the spirit of punk and over time was able to fashion itself its own identity. The new trend of vaping can have the same thing said of it. Vaping is an alternative to regular smoking. Metal music was an alternative in the same sense. For that reason, one can really say that is the reason that metal music fans have embraced vaping.

One major reason that metal music fans have embraced vaping is that a lot of the older and original fans have now reached up to an advanced age. The teenage fans of metal music in the 80’s have now developed into grandparents. With that being said, a lot of these old fans were smokers back in the day and are looking for an alternative to cigarettes. Vaping is certainly a recognized alternative to cigarette smoking. Vaping will allow the old time metal music heads to still be able to smoke but do it in a more safer way.

Then there are the young fans who like to vape. They were introduced to this alternative way of smoking at a young age which is certainly a very good thing. There are also the metal music artists themselves. They are older and have been smoking for decades. Some of the major music artists as a whole have embraced vaping and have been spokespeople for some of the major vaping brands. When metal music fans see their favorite bands and artists using a certain vaping product, obviously they are going to want to follow their metal music gods.

Gwar is a prime example of a metal music group who vapes, have their own products, thus having fans embrace vaping. Gwar’s vaping line is as zany as the characters themselves on stage and performing. There are actually several major metal music bands who have their own line of vaping products. These bands always have special promotions such as giving out samples at their concerts and having exclusive online promotions. All of these things lend credit for the high popularity that vaping has had with metal music fans.