Metal God Ozzy Osbourne Joins Casino as Brand Ambassador

Metal Casino is an online casino which features hundreds of exciting and edgy casino games. Online casinos are quickly on the rise but this one is unique. The UK casino slots gaming site launched in August of this year promising die-hard gamblers a totally exhilarating experience. But the hook of this new online casino is its tie with hardcore heavy metal rock. Gamers will enjoy playing all of the latest and coolest games while enjoying the bands that they love.

Now, to enhance the heavy metal experience even more, Metal Casino has joined with the “Godfather of Heavy Metal” himself, Ozzy Osbourne. He has not only agreed to act as a spokesperson but has actually become a part owner of the company as well.

Ozzy Osbourne was impressed not only with gaming/hard rock music combination but also with the collaboration the company has with some of hard rock’s most well-known names. Metal Casino, a UK casino slots establishment, is able to offer exclusive merchandise such as concert tickets, backstage passes and unique band merchandise that can only be found on their site.

For anyone who doesn’t know who Ozzy Osbourne is – and that would be hard to imagine – he and his heavy metal band, Black Sabbath, defined the heavy metal genre in the seventies. In fact, MTV ranked Black Sabbath as ‘the greatest metal band of all time’. When asked about his latest business venture, Ozzy said that he really liked how the entire team at Metal Casino were passionate, ‘bona fide metalheads’.

After Black Sabbath ended a wildly successful musical career, Osbourne went on to enjoy a very successful solo career. By himself, he sold over 100 million albums and won three Grammy awards. In 2006, Osbourne, with Black Sabbath, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Osbourne still tours continuing to entertain fans as he has for decades. He also stars in a reality TV show with his wife and children.

Metal Casino is part of a quickly growing gambling industry online. Loyal casino fans can enjoy traditional games as well as hundreds of edgy, exciting games while competing for some of the coolest hard rock band merchandise available anywhere. Because of their unique relationship with some of rock’s most famous names, they have merchandise available that is only available through the site. Ozzy Osbourne becoming the Brand Ambassador was definitely a savvy busy move.